Founded in 1937, Rectorseal began manufacturing Specialty Chemical Products. Rectorseal’s growth focused on products for the HVAC-R and Plumbing markets.
Product categories are Chemicals, Firestop Products, HVAC-R Installation, Maintenance and Service Products.
Rectorseal brands include Aspen condensate pumps, Fortess line set covers, Metacaulk, Profit Quick Connect Refirgeration/AC fittings, Mighty Bracket, Big Foot Stands and Footing.
They have developed industry leading Surge Protection Products for the HVAC-R industry.
Rectorseal Plumbing products range from pipe thread, fluxes, anti-seize and heat block.
The HVAC Chemicals include coil cleaners, leak sealants for A/C and Refrigeration systems, maintenance products and descalers.

Rectorseal Product Literature:

HVAC Maintenance Products
HVAC Installation/ Maintenance/ Repair Products
Plumbing Installation/ Maintenance/ Repair Products
HVAC Chemical Products
Firestop - Metacaulk Products
Push-to-Connect Refrigerant Fittings
Big Foot Systems - Multi Frame Range
Fortress Lineset Duct and Fittings

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