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Ontor provides a broad selection of HVAC component parts to manufacturers and wholesalers across Canada. We are both a master distributor and sales agent for the lines we carry. In addition we  act as a logistics warehouse for some of the lines we represent.

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Ontor Celebrates its 70th Anniversary

THANK YOU ! all our Employees, Customers and Suppliers for their continued support and our 70 years of success.

For decades, Ontor has been the go-to-choice for high quality HVAC products sourced from trusted manufacturers.
Our independent, family owned company is completely customer focused and we would like to find a solution for your needs, please contact us if you would like to receive superior support!

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Spirotherm - New Look Spirotop VTP050FT

Spirotherms Automatic Air Vent for Reliable Venting of Fluid Systems features:
- Spirotop Automatic Air vent – comes with ½” FPT and ¾” MPT
- Maintenance Free
- Continuous venting
- 150 PSI Standard Working Pressure
- 270 Degrees Fahrenheit Maximum Temperature
- Dirt & Leak Resistant
- 20 year warranty


Ontor takes on New Product Lines !!!

Packard Corp.:
Auxillary Switches, Belts, Blower Wheels, Capacitors, Contactor Replacement Coils, Contactors, Disconnect Boxes.... and more

Intermatic Inc.:
Defrost Timers, Surge Protection, Defrost Modules, DIN Rail Timers, Cycle Timers...........and more

Ontor Suppliers

We Are Hiring !!!

Ontor Limited has a new job opening for an Inside Sales Representative - Customer Service

We need individuals who are:
- Highly motivated
- Have a strong understanding of the HVAC Industry
- Have great interpersonal skills
- Have great presentation skills
- Have excellent written and verbal French


Ontor Appointed Distributor for NDL Inc.

NDL Industries Inc. is the premier producer of ACR Copper Fittings and Ball Valves, other products in their range include:
- Wrot Copper Fittings
- Black Pipe Fittings
- Black Pipe Nipples
- Gas Flex Connectors
- PVC Fittings
- PVC DWV Fittings
- Filter Driers


Spirovent - Available with Press Connections

Spirotherm the industry-leader in hydronic air and dirt separation has added press connections to its entire brass product line, sizes 3/4" through 2"
- Press connections continue to gain popularity with installers, allowing for faster and flame-free installation
-The Spirovent Air Eliminator and Combination Air/Dirt Eliminator, use the patented Spirotube coaslescing medium to eliminate 100% of the free air, 100% of the entrained air, and up to 99.6% of the dissolved air from the system
- The Spirovent Quad combines the advantages of the Spirovent Air/Dirt Eliminator with the functionality of a hydraulic separator

Spirotherm Pressfit

Legends Smartclick – Permanent Connection System

When you are installing PE-RT or PEX tubing there are times when the conditions are not ideal. When high up on a ladder, making connections between joists or below in confined spaces, you want a connection system that is simple, self-confirming and verifiable. - SmartClick is five times faster to install than any other PE-RT or PEX fitting
- In seconds you have a permanent connection without using any tools
- The time to insert PE-RT or PEX into a SmartClick connector is a fraction of the time required for other fitting systems


Williams - High-Efficiency Direct-Vent Furnaces

Ontor Limited introduces Williams Comfort Products High Efficiency Direct-Vent Furnaces with the NEW 93% Efficiency Rating. The HEDV is designed to be the most efficient Direct-Vent Furnace on the market.
- Two sizes: 17,500 BTU/hr (available now) , and 35,000 BTU/hr (available June 17th)
- Gas types are natural or propane
- Electronic controls with easy to operate digital touch panel
- Sealed combustion chamber and 2 stage heat exchanger
- Built-in thermostat
- Quiet operation

Williams Product Offering

Ostberg - CK Circular Inline Duct Fan

- CK Series fans are available both as UL 507 ”Fans Electric” or UL 705 ”Power Ventilators”approved
- CK Series fans feature a 10 year limited warranty
- CK’s are quiet, powerful, high capacity, compact fan systems
- CK’s are designed for the most demanding applications
- CK’s can be installed in any position
- Designed for high static pressure applications, including: carbon filters and long, complicated duct runs

CK Inline Duct Fan

Air Products - Duct Smoke Detector

- Early detection of smoke and products of combustion in HVAC ducts
- Shuts down system upon detection of smoke or products of combustion
- Operating voltages - 230v, 115v 24 vac and 24 vdc
- Listed for air flow velocities of 100-4000 ft/min, hi-temp applications
- Connect up to 30 units: over 15 remote accessories available

SL-2000 Series

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