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Ontor provides a broad selection of HVAC component parts to manufacturers and wholesalers across Canada. We are both a master distributor and sales agent for the lines we carry. In addition we  act as a logistics warehouse for some of the lines we represent.

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Refco - Inverter Check Kit

- Used to analyze problems with Duct Free Mini Split Systems
- Kit can be used during the installation and maintenance of Duct Free Systems

Inverter Kits Two Main Functions:
- Indicate whether the phase outputs in the inverter are operating correctly
- Data flow function will tell you if there is data flowing in both directions between the indoor and outdoor sections

Inverter Check Kit

Refco - Mini-Split Pumps

- Use in duct-free air conditioning split systems
- Gobi II – undermounted pump, Combi- in-line condensate pump
- Auto-sensing universal voltage input
- Can be used on systems up to 10 tons of A/C
- Water level sensor to active pump
- Diagnostic LEDs to help with installation and operation of pump
- Self-priming to 3 ft
- Max head of 68.20 ft

Refco Pumps

Intermatic - Surge Protection

Grasslin has a number of options for the Surge protection of equipment for the HVAC/R Industry:
Protect HVAC equipment and electronic components in single-family homes, offices, commercial buildings:
- AG300 used to protect residential equipment; connects to the furnace, air handler or A/C condensing unit or mini-split disconnect to the equipment from voltage surges; NEMA 4X watertight enclosure
- CD1-024R Compressor Defender defends compressors against under-voltage, surge, short cycling; can be mounted inside or outside the equipment

Surge Protection

Ontor Celebrates its 70th Anniversary

THANK YOU ! all our Employees, Customers and Suppliers for their continued support and our 70 years of success.

For decades, Ontor has been the go-to-choice for high quality HVAC products sourced from trusted manufacturers.
Our independent, family owned company is completely customer focused and we would like to find a solution for your needs, please contact us if you would like to receive superior support!

Ontor takes on New Product Lines !!!

Packard Corp.:
Auxillary Switches, Belts, Blower Wheels, Capacitors, Contactor Replacement Coils, Contactors, Disconnect Boxes.... and more

Intermatic Inc.:
Defrost Timers, Surge Protection, Defrost Modules, DIN Rail Timers, Cycle Timers...........and more

Ontor Suppliers

Amaircare - WHISPER 350 Whole House Filtration

Deliver clean air to every room in the house!
- Fully insulated installed HEPA Air Filtration System is whisper quiet and extremely efficient for particulate, bioburden and VOC removal
- Easily delivers 1 ACH to a 2625 sq. ft. area
- Can be quickly installed to the return air duct of the air handling system
- AWW350 diverts a portion of the air from the return air (approx. 30%), cleans the air and introduces it back into circulation
- Third stage VOC canister upgrade is available


Air Products - Duct Smoke Detector

- Early detection of smoke and products of combustion in HVAC ducts
- Shuts down system upon detection of smoke or products of combustion
- Operating voltages - 230v, 115v 24 vac and 24 vdc
- Listed for air flow velocities of 100-4000 ft/min, hi-temp applications
- Connect up to 30 units: over 15 remote accessories available

SL-2000 Series

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