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Ontor provides a broad selection of HVAC component parts to manufacturers and wholesalers across Canada. We are both a master distributor and sales agent for the lines we carry. In addition we  act as a logistics warehouse for some of the lines we represent.

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Visit Ontor at the MEET Show

Plan to visit Ontor Limited in booth 259
- MEET-Mechanical Electrical Electronic Technology is the second largest industry event of its type in Canada and THE largest trade event East of Montreal
- Held biennially, 2018 will mark the 23rd edition of this unique event
- At the show, you will find some of the very latest products and services currently available to the mechanical and electrical industries
- We will be showing Intermatic, Edge Eyewear, Spirotherm products
- Contact Ontor at to receive your complimentary pass code for free entry to the show

MEET Details

Intermatic - Surge Protection

Grasslin has a number of options for the Surge protection of equipment for the HVAC/R Industry:
Protect HVAC equipment and electronic components in single-family homes, offices, commercial buildings:
- AG300 used to protect residential equipment; connects to the furnace, air handler or A/C condensing unit or mini-split disconnect to the equipment from voltage surges; NEMA 4X watertight enclosure
- CD1-024R Compressor Defender defends compressors against under-voltage, surge, short cycling; can be mounted inside or outside the equipment

Surge Protection

Ontor Celebrates its 70th Anniversary

THANK YOU ! all our Employees, Customers and Suppliers for their continued support and our 70 years of success.

For decades, Ontor has been the go-to-choice for high quality HVAC products sourced from trusted manufacturers.
Our independent, family owned company is completely customer focused and we would like to find a solution for your needs, please contact us if you would like to receive superior support!

Ontor takes on New Product Lines !!!

Packard Corp.:
Auxillary Switches, Belts, Blower Wheels, Capacitors, Contactor Replacement Coils, Contactors, Disconnect Boxes.... and more

Intermatic Inc.:
Defrost Timers, Surge Protection, Defrost Modules, DIN Rail Timers, Cycle Timers...........and more

Ontor Suppliers

Ontor Appointed Distributor for NDL Inc.

NDL Industries Inc. is the premier producer of ACR Copper Fittings and Ball Valves, other products in their range include:
- Wrot Copper Fittings
- Black Pipe Fittings
- Black Pipe Nipples
- Gas Flex Connectors
- PVC Fittings
- PVC DWV Fittings
- Filter Driers


Amaircare - WHISPER 350 Whole House Filtration

Deliver clean air to every room in the house!
- Fully insulated installed HEPA Air Filtration System is whisper quiet and extremely efficient for particulate, bioburden and VOC removal
- Easily delivers 1 ACH to a 2625 sq. ft. area
- Can be quickly installed to the return air duct of the air handling system
- AWW350 diverts a portion of the air from the return air (approx. 30%), cleans the air and introduces it back into circulation
- Third stage VOC canister upgrade is available


Air Products - Duct Smoke Detector

- Early detection of smoke and products of combustion in HVAC ducts
- Shuts down system upon detection of smoke or products of combustion
- Operating voltages - 230v, 115v 24 vac and 24 vdc
- Listed for air flow velocities of 100-4000 ft/min, hi-temp applications
- Connect up to 30 units: over 15 remote accessories available

SL-2000 Series

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